Best Dumbbell Exercises for Men Over 50

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Today I would like to speak to the men in my demographic – over 50. I am 56 years old, so all the research I do needs to relate to me and my current health and fitness goals.

When I learn something new or exciting, I like to share it with everyone, regardless of age or gender.

So all the information I find is really good for men my age. I then do some more research and try to make it relevant for everyone else who may stop by at this page.

Well today, the information is really for men over 50. The seven best exercises you can do if you have a pair of dumbbells and a bench.

This is a full body workout that you can complete in the comfort of your own home, even if you only have one set of dumbbells. And, for that matter, if you only have one dumbbell, you can modify the exercises to do them one arm at a time. No excuses!

Let’s get started!


Dumbbell Bench Press

This first exercise is a great exercise for the chest muscles, but since we are using dumbbells, it also brings the core into play for stabilization. Also, the triceps will get a workout. Do one arm at a time, if you only have one dumbbell.

Grad a set of dumbbells that you can complete three sets of 12-15 reps, and lay back on the bench, positioning your elbows under the dumbbells. Push the dumbbells up together and come down for a really good stretch. This is a great compound movement that hits a lot of muscles.

bench press
bench press

One Arm Dumbbell Row

This next exercise is a great back exercise. By isolating the muscles on each side of the back, you can really concentrate on their growth.

Put your knee and your arm on the bench to balance yourself, and put your other leg back far enough that you can row the dumbbell up to your side. Be sure to raise your elbow above your back to engage the lats (a back muscle). Perform 12-15 reps, and then switch sides and do the other arm. Do three sets for each arm.

one arm row
one arm row

Side Lateral Raises

This exercise will make you look wider while standing still as it builds up the medial head of the lateral deltoids, as well as your other muscles in the upper back and shoulders.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and a dumbbell in each hand. Raise the dumbbells out to the sides, up to shoulder level, keeping your arms straight and your palms facing down. If you keep your elbows a little bent, it will keep the pressure on the delts. Once again, do 12-15 reps and three sets.

side lateral raiseside lateral raise

Stiff legged Deadlifts

This is a great exercise for your hamstring and your glutes. Start with a lighter weight, but try to build up to heavier weights to increase the size of your hamstrings and the tightness of your glutes. For those who only have one dumbbell, hold it in one hand and raise the opposite leg up behind you as you bend forward at the hips. Switch hands a repeat for the other leg.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees flexed a little and a dumbbell in each hand. Arch your lower back a little as you lower the weights down to the feet, keeping your legs straight. You will feel this in your hamstrings. Only go as low as you comfortably can go, and then raise back up in a continuous motion. Do 12-15 reps and three sets.

stiff legged deadliftstiff legged deadlift

Dumbbell Squat

Another great exercise for your legs, this one will work the quadriceps and glutes. If you only have one dumbbell, hold it between your hands in front of you when you squat.

Stand with your back to a bench, feet slightly wider that shoulder width, toes slightly pointed out. Have a dumbbell in each hand. Keep your head up and your shoulders back and lower yourself by bending at the waist until you touch the bench. Then stand back up. Do 12-15 reps and three sets.


Dumbbell Curl

We don’t want to forget the arms, so the next exercise is the dumbbell curl. Grab a dumbbell in each hand (or do one arm at a time), feet shoulder width apart, and curl both weights up at the same time, supinating the wrists to ensure your palm is facing up at the top of the motion.

Try to keep tension on the biceps at all times by not going all the way up or all the way down. Keep your elbows close to your sides and your shoulders back and up as this will train the biceps without engaging the shoulders. Do 12-15 reps and three sets.curls


Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Continuing with another arm exercise, the triceps will be worked with the lying triceps extension. Lay back on a bench, put your arms (or arm) straight up, keeping the palms facing each other. Lower the dumbbells all the way down to the side of your head and then raise them straight back up. Be sure to keep your elbows pointed directly at the ceiling. Do 12-15 reps and three sets.triceps


Last Words

So there you have it.fit woman

The seven best exercises for men over 50. All right, for women too! Ladies, give them a try! I’m sure they will work for you as well. You may not have the same muscle size goals in mind, but being fit is a great way to live.

By doing these seven exercises, you have worked almost every muscle in your body.over 50

The only one we left out were the abs, and you did give them a bit of a workout by using them to stabilize your core while doing these exercises with dumbbells. That is the nice thing about dumbbell exercises. They tend to engage the core to a greater degree than using a barbell (second best choice) or a machine (last choice).

Before you start any exercise program, please consult a professional or a doctor, especially if you have any medical issues or injuries. I am not a doctor, just a fitness advocate.

My opinions are just that, my opinions.

Thanks for listening. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Also, if you are a father (or mother) (or anyone for that matter) who would like an easy to follow program that includes a menu and work out information, check out this article from a few months ago.

Thanks for listening.

See you in the next post.

Have a great day!


Tom Fitzsimmons

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