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Today I would like to talk about nuts and how they fit into the Keto Lifestyle. It is often difficult to find a snack that will fill you up and keep you in ketosis. Too many carbs is not a good thing after all, and many snacks have lots of carbs.

Nuts, on the other hand, do not have a lot of carbs. Some are better than others. I will provide an overview of nuts, which are better, and then spend some time talking about almonds.

Let’s get started!

A Variety of Nut

Nuts are full of good stuff! There are vitamins, minerals, healthy polyunsaturated fats, and protein. The amount of all this yummy goodness depends on the nuts that you choose to eat.

Also, the amount of carbs in nuts is not equal, so you need to be knowledgeable and wise when making your nut choices. Let’s just start by saying that pistachios, cashews, and chestnuts have the greatest amount of carbs and should be avoided. Their nutritional benefits are outweighed by the greater amounts of carbs.

Other than those three, most nuts are good for snacking. Here is a bit of a sliding scale of the carb content of nuts:nuts and carbs

As you can see, there are a lot of choices for your snack of nuts. Let’s keep in mind that we also need to limit the size of our snack. As we all know, nuts are yummy, and it is quite easy to eat a lot of nuts in one sitting.

I suggest that you choose the nuts you want for your snack, and then put a small amount (about the size of a golf ball is one serving) in a bowl to eliminate the chances of over-indulging.

Since it would be a long article if I discussed the benefits of each nut individually, let’s just talk about almonds today.

Here we go!

Let’s Talk About Almondsalmonds

I choose almond because of all the nuts, they are one of the most nutrient dense nuts. They contain lots of healthy fats (14 grams, 9 of which are monounsaturated), fibre (3,5 grams), protein (6 grams), magnesium (20%of the RDI), manganese (32% of the RDI), and vitamin E (37%of the RDI). Vitamin E has been shown to lower the rates of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). They also contain a decent amount of copper (makes red blood cells, maintains nerve cells and the immune system, helps the body form collagen and absorb iron, and helps increase energy), Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and phosphorus (builds strong bones, teeth, and muscles, makes energy, and helps filter waste from your kidneys).

Please keep in mind that a serving of almonds would be around 25 almonds. I suggest counting them out so you don’t over-consume, since that could upset your stomach.

Remember, there is a lot of fibre in almonds. We need to take care that we are not consuming too much fibre.

In case you were wondering, one serving of almonds has about 160 calories and only 2.5 grams of carbs. Nice!

There are also quite a number of health benefits in almonds Let’s have a look.

Health Benefits of Almonds

Along with the dense nutrient benefits of almonds, they are also loaded with antioxidants that help protect our cells against scienceoxidative stress which can lead to inflammation, aging, and even cancer. A clinical trial showed that consuming a small amount of almonds every day reduced the oxidative stress markers by 23-34% over a four-week period of time.

Also, almonds have been shown to help control blood sugar. Because almonds are low in carbs and high in fibre and magnesium, they are a good choice for those with diabetes. It has been shown that an increase in magnesium will assist in controlling blood sugar.

Magnesium also has an effect on blood pressure. The consumption of almonds, which are high in magnesium, may help lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is linked to heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure. So by eating almonds, your magnesium levels may be corrected and you may lower your blood pressure and the related risks (7, 8).

Eating almonds (one or two servings) every day may also lower the bad LDL cholesterol in your blood, therefore reducing the risk of heart disease. There are a couple of studies that show a marked reduction in LDL levels through the consumption of almonds (9, 10).

Those are some pretty significant benefits to consuming almonds on a daily basis. They are low in calories and high in fibre and taste yummy. And they are good for your health! What more could we ask for?

Well, I’m glad you asked, as there are other benefits to almonds.

More Almond Goodness

One of the greatest benefits of almonds may be their ability to assist in weight loss. Because they are high in fat, the good weight lossfat, they will keep you in ketosis and make you feel full. Just a few almonds can take the hunger away, and improve your chances of losing weight.

One study showed that women who ate almonds lost more weight than women who did not. In another study, a low-calorie diet with 3 oz of almonds increased weight loss by 62% compared to a diet enriched with complex carbohydrates.memory

Almonds may also improve your memory and eliminate brain fog. Adding the energy-dense almonds to your salad at lunch may improve your afternoon productivity, since they have more fat than protein or net carbs and are a quick way to fuel up.

And finally, almonds are a great way to increase muscle building and fat loss. Remember that muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does. We want to have lots of lean muscle mass. That is why we lift weights. The secret to eliminating fat is to build muscle. Almonds have 6 grams of protein in every 1 oz serving, which is about the same amount of protein in one egg or a 1 oz serving of cheese.

We need protein to build muscle, so adding almonds as a snack will benefit lean muscle building and therefore, fat loss.

Last Wordsmuscle building couple

So there you have it. Almonds are a win-win! They taste great and they are good for you. They are packed with nutrition and have been proven to be good for you.

For our purposes here, at ketoandexercise.com, they will assist in muscle growth, fat loss, and not kick you out of ketosis.

What could be better?!

Thanks for listening.

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