Keto and Supplements

Updated: June 19, 2020

Hey everyone.

Just a little information today about supplements. There are many types of supplements from vitamins to protein powder to BCAA (branch chain amino acids) to everything in between.

I will talk about the ones that I use and why in today’s post.

Let’s get started.


A pre-workout supplement is designed to give you energy during your workout, allowing you to feel energized throughout your workout.

There are many pre-workout supplements available for you to try. For a description and a Top 10 Ranking from Bodybuilders.com, click here.

They are generally mixed with water and consumed about half an hour before you start your workout.I have tried a couple different brands ( BioSteel, Athletic Alliance, ANS Performance) and am currently using Athletic Alliance Rocket. It includes as an Ingredient, Creatine HCL.

Creatine HCl

There is mixed reviews about Creatine. First, is the type you should be taking. There is creatine monohydrate and creatine HCl. Both are equally viable in their performance, but monohydrate is less soluble in water. I use Creatine HCl. I include it in my workout drink, if I use a pre-workout that does not contain creatine.

Creatine is naturally occurring in our bodies in healthy muscle cells. It helps the muscles produce energy when we are working out, especially lifting weights.

The Creatine I use is shown in the photo below.

keto and supplements

By taking creatine as a supplement, it adds energy to your workout. Please note, that it may take up to six months before you notice the benefit.


During my workout, I consume BCAA – Branch Chain Amino Acids. They provide joint protection, hydration, and most importantly, will provide your body the necessary nutrients to assist in recovery after the workout. The nutrients provided by BCAA assist the muscles in recovering and growing. The whole idea of weight lifting is to break down the muscle. As they recover, they rebuild and grow larger.

Along with the BCAA, I add Collagen to my workout drink.

Collagen is the most common protein present in the body. Collagen is a joint protector, and by adding it to our supplement regime, we are offering greater joint protection. Weight lifting can be tough on the joints, and any extra help we can give them is beneficial.

Two More…

The only other supplements I use are Exogenous Ketones, and Protein Powder. The Exogenous Ketones, as pictured, come in a powder form, and I add it to my coffee in the morning. It doesn’t hurt that it is mocha flavor. It tastes delicious, and the purpose is to ensure that our bodies stay in ketosis, if we are not consuming enough fats for our energy needs. The exogenous Ketones will keep us in ketosis.keto and supplements

I use Protein Powder after each workout to provide my body with the extra protein it needs to begin to rebuild the muscle that was just broken down during the workout. Once again, there are many types of protein powder, and I have tried quite a variety. Some taste better than others. For a list of the Top 10, according to Bodybuilder.com, click here.

That’s It!

Keto and supplements are not a difficult process. Drinking water with Pre-Workout before lifting weights gives me more energy. Drinking a supplement during the workout allows me to have energy and assists my body in recovering afterwards. The creatine helps build muscle. The collagen helps protect my joints, and the ketones keep me in ketosis. Having protein powder mixed with water after the workout (while in the hot tub, I may add) gives my muscles the building blocks they need to recover and rebuild.

The thought behind supplements is to assist us in our quest for health. The addition of a few supplements will give our bodies a better chance of losing weight, building muscle, and being healthy.

For a full line of supplements, visit Bodybuilding.com.

Before adding any supplement to your diet, consult with a professional to ensure it is the right supplement for you.

Thanks for listening. See you in the next post.

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Tom Fitzsimmons

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