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Yesterday, my wife and I were talking about New Year’s Resolutions, and how January is not the ideal time to make a lifestyle change.

Where we live, in Ontario, the days are short and the weather is cold. We get up in the dark, and come home from work in the dark.

People are feeling let down after all the excitement of Christmas, and then the bills come in the mail and you have to pay for all the joy you purchased for everyone.

We couldn’t imagine trying to incorporate a new lifestyle change into our routines at this time of the year. It is no wonder that so many people who make a promise to themselves to change their lives, give up before the end of the month or early into February.

One of these changes that people try to make is weight loss. This post will be about how to be successful with your weight loss this year. Rapid weight loss.

Let’s get started!

Ketogenic Diet Plan

For those of you who have read my previous posts, you will know that I am a huge fan and follower of the Ketogenic Lifestyle. I have changed the way that I consume calories so that the majority of my calories are coming from healthy fats. The remainder of my calories come from a moderate protein intake and a low carbohydrate intake.

And I’m happy to say that the plan works. I have lost about 25 pounds, and my wife over 40 pounds. We are enjoying being in the best shape of our lives. We are full of energy, we sleep well, and we are fit.

Remember that we also added exercise to our lifestyle. Specifically, we lift weights 5 or 6 times a week.

But back to the intro idea. We made the change to keto early in the year last year. Right around the beginning of February 2018 is when we decided that the Keto way of eating was for us. We had tried a couple of different ways of combining foods, and dabbled with the Paleo diet. We continued to read and research, and part of the decision to try keto was because it allowed us to have cream in our coffee and eat cheese, two of the things we were missing on the Paleo path.

So we made the change in the cold, dark month of February. We have never looked back. We have not varied our path.

Tasty Fats!

One of the reasons it was easy to stick with this lifestyle was the addition of all the tasty fats. Cream in our coffee. Butter on our veggies. Bacon on our brussels sprouts. Butter on our steak. Cheese on our burgers. Cheese and pepperettes and nuts as snacks. Cheese sauce on our veggies.

These are all tasty foods that we could eat on a regular basis. It made it easy to stick to the eating plan.


The other part of or healthy living plan was weight lifting. We did not start lifting weights as a New Year’s Resolution. It would have been too difficult to get up even earlier in the morning when it was already dark. We had already started the summer of 2017.

August 17th, to be exact. That was the day we decided to add regular exercise to our lifestyle. We wanted exercise to be a habit before fall and school started back up (we are both educators). We started with all the beginner exercises. Light weights, perfect form. The goal wasn’t to get strong, the goal was to make exercising a habit during the longer days of summer, so when the days shortened and the temperatures dropped, we would already have a routine in place and would be able to sustain the exercise plan.

It worked. We are still lifting weights regularly and have met many personal goals we have set for ourselves.

Back to Keto

So here is my suggestion to you. Don’t go all in right away. Choose carefully. Choose something that you will be able to sustain. Switching your caloric intake to tasty, healthy, fats is a great place to start. The ketogenic way of eating is totally sustainable, and you will experience rapid weight loss.

You will see results and will be motivated to continue on the journey. Then, as you see the results, you can add exercising to your lifestyle. The exercising of your choice. I suggest weight lifting because it has so many benefits to your body and life.

But you don’t have to do it alone. There are lots of resources to assist you in your switch to Keto.

An excellent supplement to add to your keto lifestyle is Keto Blaze. This product has been vetted and approved through Shark Tank, and, when added to your Keto eating lifestyle, will assist in your weight loss goals.

Just Start Simply

Happy New Year!

I trust that 2019 will be your best year ever. If being the healthiest you is part of that plan, then I am here to help.

Ask me questions. Do your own research. Then ask me more questions. I’m here to help.

Perhaps this short video will assist in helping you make the decision to switch to the keto lifestyle.

Thanks for listening.

Have a great day!

Tom Fitzsimmons


  1. Hi Tom, I am trying keto but I seem to fall out of ketosis at night?? Do you have any idea why this would be? Thanks!

    • Hi Carolyn
      I’m just wondering how you know you are out of ketosis? What are you using to measure?
      There are several explanations here (https://www.reddit.com/r/keto/comments/1ax2cg/how_do_i_manage_to_wake_up_out_of_ketosis_every/).
      Here is the best one:
      Try not to get worked up over this. If you’re registering anything at all on the ketostix, you’re in ketosis.
      The interesting thing about ketostix is, once you learn what they measure and how they work, you’ll understand that you could even register 0 on the ketostix and still be in ketosis.
      While ketostix can be great motivators and can reassure people that they are “doing it right” when they see dark purple, don’t assume that a negative reading means you aren’t in ketosis.
      Key points to remember:

      Ketostix only measure 1 of the 3 types of ketones you produce.
      Ketostix only measure excess ketones that are shunted off into your urine for excretion.
      Over time, your body will produce less of the type of ketone measured by ketostix.
      If you are eating 20g carbs/day or less, you are pretty much assured to be in ketosis, regardless of what the magic pee sticks tell you.
      If you really want to know what’s going on regarding your nutritional ketosis, measure serum (blood) ketone levels.

      Sorry it’s a little long, but it is a great explanation. Just keep going, and all will be fine!
      Have a great day!

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