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Under Armour

I’m not sure anyone noticed, or even cared (LOL), but I changed my Profile picture recently (see below). My wife and best friend commented that since I am writing about fitness, I should have a profile picture that shows how fit I am. I agreed with her and changed the photo.

I am quite happy with the progress I have made in the last 16 months of lifting weights and the last 11 months in the Ketogenic lifestyle. It really does make a difference. I can’t imagine doing one without the other. Keto and exercise really seem to fit well together.

What does all of that have to do with the title – Under Armour Review – Looking Good!?

Let’s get started.

How To Look Good at 50Under Armour

54, to be exact. I will be turning 55 in 2019. I am in the best shape of my life. This, as I said in the intro, is attributed to the ketogenic lifestyle, and weight lifting. I have lots of energy, I sleep well, and I have never been happier. And I think I look good.

Will everyone who tries this lifestyle have the same results? YES!

Eat according to the Keto plan, exercise 5 or 6 times a week, and you will also be successful in looking and feeling better. There are even success stories of rapid weight loss without exercising. It can happen for you if you want it to.

On with the review…

Under Armour. I never thought that I would wear these clothes, since I didn’t think I would have the body shape to pull it off. Now it is all I wear, for the most part. I do still need to put on a shirt and tie for work (I am a principal at an elementary school), but underneath I wear Under Armour.

The quality of the shirts is great. They are well put together, and they seem to last. I can only speak from my experience, and all the shirts that I have purchased still look brand new.

There are a wide range of colours and styles available, as well as all the popular sizes.

This is what Under Armour says about the availability of shirts in all styles:

Not Just Any Shirt

It’s Under Armour. Our shirts for men are ready to take on whatever goal you’re after. Loose? Compression? Find your fit. Match your style. Feel the stretch. And get down to business.

The shirts are great to wear when working out. They fit well, and you can see the muscles working as you exercise (the mind-muscle connection is important).

Under Armour clothing is not inexpensive. I tend to shop in the sale section of the website, but we also need to remember that we get what we pay for. If it is inexpensive, it may not last as long.

Customer service at Uder Armour is excellent. They are helpful, and their website is easy to navigate. Checkout is simple and secure.

The Shirt Makes The Man

It is true what they say: “Dress for the job you want.” It can also be said that if you dress for the shape you want to become, it helps.

I even wear Under Armour to work. They make an excellent Polo Shirt, that is dressy enough for the office.

Like I said before, I never thought that I would want to wear Under Armour, but now that I am in better shape, and on m y way to an even better shape, I want people to know how I look. I have worked hard to look the way I do today, and I am proud to wear a shirt that shows it off.

Under Armour is the shirt of choice.

Under Armour – A Great Choice

So there you have it. From my personal experience to you.

When you start seeing results, you will want to show them off. As you start to lose weight and gain muscle, the clothes you choose to wear will become a motivator to continue on your path to your best fitness level ever.

Under Armour has the shirt for you!

Click here for a great selection at great prices!

Thanks for listening.

Have a great day!

Tom Fitzsimmons

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